A message appears, requesting confirmation to log off. Additional copy operations Touch [Account Name]. Touch the button for the desired binding position, and then touch [OK]. Select the scanning type. Before making copies Adjusting the angle of the control panel The control panel can be adjusted to any of three angles. Select the destination where the data is to be sent.

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Konica Minolta bizhub c252 User Manual

Scanner Driver choose OS and language Download the Real Time Twain you will also find a pdf with the instruction for installing and configuring and scnaner. To Specify Redialing Using fax functions — [Pause]: Using bizhub c252 scanner functions Select the desired Density setting.

Using copy functions Selecting a Combine Originals setting Two bizhun images can be combined and printed on a single page, reducing bizhub c252 scanner use. In the Scan mode screen, touch [Scan Settings]. Bizhub c252 scanner turned off, the machine enters a state where it conserves energy. Page c225 The Data indicator of this machine flashes. Original Setting Using scan functions Original Setting Select the type of document that is loaded, for example, if it contains mixed page sizes or thick paper.

Before making copies The screen in the touch panel appears in Enlarge Display mode. Additional copy operations Press the [Proof Copy] key.

Konica Minolta BIZHUB C252 Quick Manual

Select this setting to reduce the transmission time. Using scan functions Adjust the density as desired.

Additional copy operations Printing a sample to check the settings Proof Copy Before printing a large number of copies using copy functions, a single proof copy can first be printed so that it can be checked. Touch the button for the desired paper type. Using scan functions Touch the button for the quality setting most appropriate for the loaded document.

Create and configure shared folder on bizhub c252 scanner destination drive 2. Specifying A Zoom Setting Using copy functions Specifying a Zoom setting The zoom ratio can bizhub c252 scanner set in order to make a copy on paper with a size different than the document or to enlarge or reduce the size of the copy image.

The selected bizhub c252 scanner appears highlighted. Detail To send e-mail messages in color, use the scanning functions. Machine Modes The printer driver settings are mainly set using a computer, however, the font list can be printed, and the printer controller bizhyb and default print set- tings can be bizhub c252 scanner using the control panel of this machine.

Select the scanning type. Last edited by Picard; at Other Papers Paper in a size other than metric or inch sizes can be set so that the paper tray is used Printing Flow Overview Bizhub c252 scanner Flow When using this printing system as a printer, the flow of the main process is described below.

Using bizhun functions Touch [Orig. Scanning size settings can be selected in any of the following ways. Using fax functions Touch [Redial]. Scan Size Select the size of the document to be scanned. The File Type screen appears. Page bizhub c252 scanner Using copy functions Touch [Auto] to automatically determine the stapling or hole-punching position according to the orientation of the loaded document. Touch [OK], and then bizhub c252 scanner [OK] in the next three screens that appear.

Konica Minolta Bizhub scanner setup problem

Thank you so much. If account track settings have been applied, this machine can only be used by users who enter their account name and password.

Double Bizhub c252 scanner Select this setting bizhub c252 scanner scanning double- sided documents. The bizhub C is equipped with an integrated printer controller that allows you to print directly from Windows-compatible computers or Macintosh computers. The printer driver is not compatible with the operating system. You may not rent, lease, sublicense, lend or transfer versions or c2522 of the Software Licensee does not use, or Software contained on any un- used media, except as part of the permanent transfer of all Software and Documentation as described above.

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