SetPoint enables you to control your Logitech mice and keyboards and customize their buttons and functions. How do I create macros? The included media console allows control of your favorite tunes directly from the keyboard. Click “Download Software” and save the installer on your hard disk. The LCD screen enables you to keep track of time in games.

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How do I create macros? Select the “Smart Installer” option from the other drop-down box. Click “Change” to apply the settings.

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How do I customize my headphone and microphone settings? If this is correct please click the flag to logitech mx5500 bluetooth. You don’t need to restart your computer after installing the program. If the option is enabled, your computer’s time and date are automatically synchronized with the Windows time servers. Keyboard Help What do the battery lights mean on my logittech Getting Started with Logitechh Arc Mouse.

How do I reassign mouse buttons? Share Share on Facebook. Open the “Logitech SetPoint” page link in Resources in logitech mx5500 bluetooth preferred Web browser and choose “Windows 8” from the Operating System box in the left pane.

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How do I change mouse sensitivity DPI? Designed with a piano black finish, logitech mx5500 bluetooth keyboard features low profile keys that provide a crisp, responsive feel when typing. Click “Download Software” and save the installer on your hard disk. What are the default buttons and wheel assignments for my mouse?

How do I use a wireless headset? How do I create a Key Combination shortcut? The included media console allows control of nluetooth favorite tunes directly from the keyboard. Boasting a laptop-style keyboard configuration, this ultra-slim, ultra-narrow bkuetooth offers 2. How do Logitech mx5500 bluetooth customize Windows Live Call button settings? How do I share and import macros? How do I connect my LifeChat headset? What do the battery lights mean on my mouse?

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What do the keyboard LED lights mean? Disable the “Set time automatically” option by moving its slider to the “Off” position logitech mx5500 bluetooth you want to change the time and date manually. Wireless Display Adapter Compatibility.

The date and time are automatically synchronized with logitech mx5500 bluetooth Windows 8 computer, so to change them on the MX you must change them in Windows. How do I use Flip 3D to manage open windows?

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How do I connect a Microsoft device to my computer? With its slim design, the freedom of a cordless interface, logitech mx5500 bluetooth a wireless mouse, this keyboard is a perfect space-saver.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. You can download the software logitech mx5500 bluetooth Logitech for free. How do I use a wired headset?

How do I use ClickLock while highlighting an object? How do I use the Gaming Toggle in a game? How do I make a video call? Logitech mx5500 bluetooth you for visiting Verbatim.

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