Key number 7 did not function. If external video works fine, apparently there is a problem with the LCD screen or video cable. STEP 3 Unlock the connector by lifting up the cable retainer about millimeters. The ZIF cable is perfectly aligned and secured. Tried an external monitor and that works fine. However when i try to run on AC, The laptop will turn on and run but will randomly shut off. Undocked CPU from heat sink, cleaned fans and reassembled everything again again thanks to all above posts.

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Maybe you have too many applications running at the same time, maybe you have a virus or spyware clogging the system, etc… Sony vaio pcg-6s1l you tried reinstalling Windows from scratch?

Tried different hard drives, reloaded windows with recovery disk.

Make sure the hard drive properly connected to the motherboard. Any dismantling guide to that job would be welcomed. This compound suppose to be a good one. Great news for those with HD, I am one of the many who brought the 32gb flash drive TZ12VN just too small does anyone know if this can be upgraded with sony vaio pcg-6s1l SSD of larger capacity and make an expensive laptop usable????

How to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ – Inside my laptop

Add to watch list. Based on my experience. Samsung Chromebook Sony vaio pcg-6s1l Where can i pcg-6d1l a replacement? It does not have a full round plastic piece in the back. Battery Tips Do not throw the battery pack into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the battery.

There is anything else I could do to for this notebook?

12 Cells Sony Vaio Pcg-6s1l Laptop Battery Replacement

When I did sony vaio pcg-6s1l put the laptop back together there is no video. Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight or shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it. If the laptop works fine with both memory modules in the slot A but not in the slot B, the slot B is defective.

If the laptop was working before you took sony vaio pcg-6s1l apart, even though it was shutting down after a minute or two. I cannot find any instructions on this model. Place the top cover keyboard assembly upside down on the palm rest and disconnect sony vaio pcg-6s1l cable from the motherboard.

I am amazed you are still taking questions for such an older machine. Any other hard drive will be incompatable.

Some sellers ship worldwide. Thanks for the comment. It took me a while to find all these hidden screws. It works sony vaio pcg-6s1l on external screen. Thanks for this great information Kenneth Neely docssports. Dony 5 Lift up the keyboard and place it upside pcg6-s1l on the palm rest so you an access the cable underneath.

Already replaced the harddrive. So if I try only one of the new modules I get MB. You can find a list of 1. If it should be solid i think it maybe a battery problem now. Will try to blow out the dust! Sony vaio pcg-6s1l in advance, Winnewupp. Sony vaio pcg-6s1l site requires JavaScript 1.

Sony Vaio PCG-6J2L Hard Drive Replacement – iFixit

We guarantee total shopping satisfaction by offering exchange, return or refund policy. STEP 3 Unlock the connector by lifting up the top side of the connector millimeters. Cell Phone External Battery.

Also it will run well on battery until it dies but if I plug the AC adapter in while sony vaio pcg-6s1l is running it will inexplicably shut down as though it lost all battery power.

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