The amperage, on the other hand, can be the same or higher. I have no idea what the problem is either and i really want to fix this and be done with it. I replaced the video cable and inverter and it is still having the same problem. Take a look on the motherboard. Could you please show me how to repair or at least open the bottom cover?

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I put the laptop back together again and was pleased to see pgc-grt360zg power light come on when sony vaio pcg-grt360zg pluged the power cable in. The laptop displays identical vertical lines all over the LCD screen as soon as I turn it on. As of a couple days ago, it appears to sony vaio pcg-grt360zg become a permanent condition.

Blow off the heatsink with compressed air. The video is bad right from the beginning, as soon as you turn on the laptop?

sony vaio pcg-grt360zg Then it times out and reverts back to the original monitor output. Here are two more screens. It does not work with the AC Adapter without enough battery in valo. Also, check laptop memory.

In your case it could be: I do not repair pcggrt360zg except replacing bad power jack. Sony vaio pcg-grt360zg not, probably you have a failed video card. For some reason, when we plug the charger into it, the power light comes on as if it were going to start but it never does. The pen caused a hugr sony vaio pcg-grt360zg screen displaed image.

Thank you very much.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

What am I doing wrong? Anybody knows this problem?

I just replaced the screen for a laptop Hp pavillion dv This is ankit and i hv Acer Aspire NLC laptop and i had misplaced motherboard driver cd of my laptop……may i know from where should i get the free download of sony vaio pcg-grt360zg of my Acer Aspire NLC. The pc went into restart mode but did not come back on.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

Recently, the LCD started giving different colors intermittently. I have a Acer travelmate c with a screen which is misbehaving similar to the first picture, but nothing happens on torquing the screen This is what actually happens — when the unit is powered on, horizontal bluish lines appear, which steadies to a pattern which has a hint of the shape of the windows login screen.

Removing the battery, hard sony vaio pcg-grt360zg, DVD drive and other components you sony vaio pcg-grt360zg easily access. If the upper side of the screen works properly, most likely this is bad screen.

But I turned it Sony vaio pcg-grt360zg while troubleshooting this problem and the screen immediately went gray with the lines. I own a Toshiba M35X- S The left portion of the screen works fine. Left hinge contained the display cable, Right hinge contained a black and sony vaio pcg-grt360zg white wire that snake through the bezel of the LCD and terminate on 2 different side into some type of clip. I had what seems to be an inverter problem, no backlight at all very dark image and the external works perfectly.

There is nothing on the lcd, tried disassembling it step by step but still nothing worked. I want to know if this is related to the discoloration in sony vaio pcg-grt360zg lcd which i also have. I can only blame myself for this, but the other day I left the laptop near the window, and the sun attacked it once again. Will you get any video on the screen when the hard dive is removed? Maybe when you plug the AC adapter, the CPU starts running full speed instead of lower speed for sony vaio pcg-grt360zg battery mode.

The first think to check is the memory module: My video distorts at random and forces me to restart my laptop. Really, what my problem is my laptop is having pink color vertical line in my lcd unit. Evidently there is a systemboard crack near the sony vaio pcg-grt360zg but after removing the pcb and staring at it thru a glass, until sony vaio pcg-grt360zg in the face, I cant see it. I have a Satellite P30 and today a vertical strip approximately 1 inch wide down the left hand side of the screen turned white.

This was on a AS and the problem seem to be some sort of connector on the motherboard with the video sony vaio pcg-grt360zg. I was advised that it was just the video cord that needs to be replaced.

If your laptop has a discrete video card, this also could be the video card failure. The fan will spin the power light and wireless light come on but the hard drive light will flash x2 in a repeating fashion.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Do you have any idea sony vaio pcg-grt360zg my laptop will not boot up? Is there any solution to enable the dead ram in the board?

Refreshing the screen clears it up sometime.

You need only motherboard, CPU with heat sink and fan and memory. I would try this first because it sony vaio pcg-grt360zg be just a loose connection between pcg-gt360zg cable and LCD screen. Less than two years old. Replace it with a new one.

I would try it next. Now the Led light is on, power and battery checked lcg-grt360zg ok. I have it on a external crt monitor and it looks good i have also tried it on a tv through the s-video cable and it looks properly pcg-grt360zh. I see your web,if you make all lamps or buy sony vaio pcg-grt360zg other company? Only thing not checked out yet is the Processor, going to check that out.

Does it sound sony vaio pcg-grt360zg the Motherboard has finally died?

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